Creating experiences and exchanging culutures across the globe



Saveur Nomade is a non-profit association focused on upbringing skill sharing from experts & organising alternative tours across the globe based on an underlying theme of cultural exchange and self-realization with a deep and sincere wish to bring men and women together for more peace in this world.


1.    We aim to make tours as a tool to create an exchange platform where our members will engage themselves in learning a new skill or gaining an in-depth experience about a new culture, while contributing to the sustainability of traditional artisans, understanding the environmental issues and developing the local economy.  

2.    The skills learned can then be showcased in a local event or compiled in the form of a book/video thereby making positive contributions to the conservation of the world's natural and cultural heritage.

3.    We choose to travel responsibly and consciously practice to maintain a healthy interaction between our members and our hosts; a small step to make more peace in the world. 

4.    Our alternative tours are based on an underlying theme of self-realization; affecting oneself from within, absorbing the vast endless beauty of the universe.


We'd love to have you with us


Consider partnering with us to use your time and talents as a volunteer, helping us with managing events & tours.

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+33 672 435 223


Consider contributing to Saveur Nomade & helping them to connect people with different cultures across the globe. 


Consider sharing your skills and getting support from us with organizing a workshop or a tour as a leader.


Join one of our tours or workshops and enrich yourself with new experiences and skills.

Our Recipe Book

We have launched our first recipe book! Designed by our member, we created this book after the first tour and has recipes from all the local chefs who gave cooking classes. 

The recipes are thoroughly described along with photos. You can support us by buying a copy for yourself!



Nastazia (France): +33 6 72 43 52 23

Veer (India): +91 9999 105 209